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The Demand for ABA Therapy is Growing

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Applied behavior analysis

With a success rate of over 89%, Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy has become the gold standard for the treatment of individuals with autism (A Comprehensive Guide to ABA Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( With its multidimensional approach to treating the whole child, ABA therapy is focused on making your child’s life as easy as possible. As such, it’s no surprise that demand for therapists trained in this area is continuing to grow.

The Overall Demand

According to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, the demand for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (one field trained to provide ABA services) has been growing since 2010, with a 23% spike from 2021 to 2022 (US Employment Demand for Behavior Analysts ( But that spike isn’t an anomaly. Because the number of job postings for these individuals has been seeing a sharp incline over the last 13 years that has gotten steeper still since 2017 (US Employment Demand for Behavior Analysts ( It’s expected that growth will continue through the next three years, reaching levels of approximately 22% going forward (Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors (

The world needs all kinds of minds

The overall job outlook for Behavior Technicians (another option in receiving ABA services) is also climbing, with growth expected to hold at approximately 9% for the years between 2021 and 2031 Psychiatric Technicians and Aides: Occupational Outlook Handbook:: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

What this tells us is that more and more people are seeking out professional help for their children, and they’re doing it by seeking out the most successful form of autism therapy currently available. However, there is a downside to this dramatic increase in demand.

Demand Leads to Deterioration of Quality

We can look at the increased demand for top-tier autism therapy as a positive sign that parents are seeking the best possible form of treatment for their children. Likewise, we can look at the fact that the field is growing as a positive sign for those who are looking to enter the field. However, the convergence of these two things means one thing: not enough therapists to go around, whether you need ABA in Gilbert or anywhere else in the country.

As of 2019, there were approximately 30,000 BCBAs in the United States (As Autism Diagnoses Increase, Shortage of ABA Therapists Remains a Problem; New Government Study Finds 1 in 40 American Children Has Autism ( As of 2023, that number had grown to 59,976 (ABA Therapist Demographics & Statistics ( And that number is continuing to grow. However, demand for ABA services far exceeds these numbers. And when that happens one of two outcomes is possible.

The first is that people who are in need of BCBAs and Behavior Technicians aren’t able to find them. This is extremely unfortunate because of the level of success that ABA therapy has seen. It means that children who could see extensive support and progress through this type of autism therapy are instead being provided with other types of therapy or are perhaps not receiving any therapy. Either of these options could result in less progress or even be detrimental to the child.

The second is that large-scale facilities are beginning to hire more and more individuals to fill the need for ABA services, but since they cannot find those with the highest level of qualifications, they are using whoever they can to fill in the gaps. This means BCBA’s and Behavior Technicians who are not as experienced or don’t have the same level of quality as those you would prefer to have to treat your child.

Even more unfortunate, you may not know that this is happening when you seek ABA services. After all, how many of us ask for the credentials and background of the people we hire for just about anything? And when it comes to finding a therapist for our child, we assume that the person we are working with is skilled at what they do. Currently, however, that is not always the case. And that means your child may be getting subpar care that can result in limited progress.

How Important is Experience in Quality Care?

When you’re looking for someone to take care of your car you want someone with experience, right? When you are looking for someone to clean your house or cut down trees in your yard you want experience.


Well, we’re talking about services that are directly related to your child and their overall well-being and quality of life. Doesn’t that merit even more attention to detail and assurance of quality? We think that it should.

And when facilities hire someone who doesn’t have the best experience or who doesn’t have a track record of success with their patients that means they don’t offer what you and your child deserve. In an effort to get your child to see someone trained in ABA, however, you may be tempted to go with whatever you can get.

The good news is, there is another option.

The Next Steps For You

As a parent of a child with autism, you know that even the smallest steps forward can seem like miracles. And you want to find the best possible care for your child. But finding an excellent level of care can be difficult when the current availability of support is subpar. That’s why staying small can be the right way to go.

We’re not telling you to think small when it comes to progress. Or to accept less than the best standard of care for your child. Rather, we believe that your best option when it comes to ABA in Gilbert is to take advantage of what small business has to offer.

At Sami’s Angels, we are a small, family-owned and operated business that’s dedicated to providing you and your child with the best possible care. That’s because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

When our daughter was diagnosed with autism, we knew that we wanted to get her the best possible care. We wanted someone who would provide personal services, a dedicated and personalized support plan and treatment method, and plenty of empathy. And that’s why we created Sami’s Angels.

Today, we provide that kind of care to each of our patients and we do it by being extremely selective when it comes to choosing Behavior Technicians and BCBAs to add to our practice. We hire professionals who have excellent qualifications and experience. People who have a track record of success and bring empathy, care, and understanding to the table every single day.

We take the time to hand-pick each and every person who works in our facility, no matter how much interaction they have with our clients. That’s because we want every person that you or your child sees or speaks to provide those same feelings of support and security. So, you can stop searching for ‘the best ABA therapy near me’ and make a phone call to Sami’s Angels instead.

Our Approach is Different

We don’t just provide high-quality ABA services for our clients. We provide the best possible ABA services directly in the places where your child lives their life.

That means we come to you, wherever you are to provide autism therapy directly in your home, in your child’s school, and even in the community. Because your child needs to learn how to take care of themselves and function comfortably in the real world, not in a clinic.

prepare them for the real world

, even traditional ABA therapy, typically takes place in a clinical setting. In this type of setting everything is controlled, which can be good for some individuals because it means preparing for situations and experiences without surprises. However, the downside is twofold.

First, your child isn’t used to the clinical setting, which can make them uncomfortable and limit the level of success achieved through these encounters.

Second, when your child is attempting to use the skills that they have learned in therapy it will be in the real world. And in the real world, your child may need to deal with outside forces, surprises, and more.

By coming to you and working with your child directly where they will experience the world, we can help to prepare them for the real world. This helps your child feel more comfortable when they are put in a situation where they need to make decisions on their own about what to do next, how to react, and more.

Sami’s Angels ensure they have the skills necessary to do exactly that. And by coming to them first in places where they are comfortable, such as their own home, this allows us to build up a rapport and a sense of security that can be carried throughout the therapy sessions. This allows your child to feel more in control of what’s going on around them and to keep building on their progress.

Don’t Quit Now

Aba Therapy

If you have a child with autism this is the time to make a decision. This is the time to step forward and step up for your child. This is the time to make some changes that are going to help your child achieve more and live the life that they deserve.

With Sami’s Angels, you can make a difference in their life. All you have to do is contact us to get moving in the right direction. And while you’re waiting, make sure to check out our resources for parents to find out more about what’s out there for you.

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