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Individualized Education Programs

Our IEP Support services include special education advocacy, working with school districts, and attending IEP meetings. Our goal is to ensure that your child receives the best possible education, while meeting their individual goals.

Why IEPs Are Crucial for Public Education

At Sami's Angels ABA Services, we understand the importance of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for children with autism and similar disorders.


An IEP is an individualized plan created by a team of qualified professionals that outlines the educational goals for a student with special needs.


It determines the services, accommodations, and modifications needed to ensure the child's educational success.

An IEP is for any student with a disability who receives special education services.


The plan explains what help the child gets and how it will be provided to them.


It also ensures that accommodations are made, such as allowing extra time to complete tests or assignments.


This can give students with autism and similar disorders an equal chance of success in the classroom.

Sami's Angels ABA Services  ABA Therapy Arizona
Sami's Angels ABA Services  ABA Therapy Arizona

What Are the Benefits of Having an IEP for Your Child?

Having an IEP in place for your child can help set realistic expectations for them and their teachers.


It also provides a framework to measure progress and track academic performance, which can lead to better communication between parents and educators.


Lastly, it can ensure that the student receives the necessary services, including In-home aba therapy services, to be successful.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder can be overwhelming. We want to help support you and your child.

Let us help empower your child, reach out to us today!

Sami's Angels ABA Services  ABA Therapy Arizona
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